EUROJURIS Deutschland e.V. - the German Section of EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL  E.W.I.V. - is a network of 170 member law firms with offices in 110 German cities.

This network provides comprehensive forensic and legal counsel services across the full range of general and special fields of German Law. The close cooperation of the member law firms enables extensive legal support focused on clients´ legal and business requirements.
EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL E.W.I.V., with its office in Brussels, Belgium, is the umbrella organisation of the EUROJURIS network of independent medium-sized law firms which are carefully selected and abide by defined EUROJURIS client-oriented quality standards. 
The EUROJURIS network of European law firms covers 650 different cities / locations in 19 European countries and thus provides access to the resources and full range of legal expertise  of the network member law firms. Furthermore, the EUROJURIS network cultivates permanent service cooperations with associated law firms outside Europe (e.g. USA, Asia) to ensure a maximum of legal services within the worldwide scope of different legal systems.